Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Though I lived in the human dwelling, I am a harpy and still long for a jungle nest and fruit."

Flight of the Golden HarpyFlight of the Golden Harpy by Susan Klaus
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I'm kind of lost for words regarding this book.

This tells the story of a woman, Kari, who lives in a recently colonised planet, Dora, where strange creatures exist. It particularly focuses on the Harpies. These animal/human beings are feared and fiercly hunted by humans. However, when Kari was a child, a hot young harpy, Shail, saved her live. She got smitten by him and was devastated once her father sent her for 10 years to Earth, in a sort of exile. She returns with hope to find her harpy man bird, who she madly loves.

I must say that when reading this book, by its 8% mark I was silently hoping for the death of the main female character. Obviously my wish wasn't granted. But I persistently kept reading, hoping my secret 'kill the MC' desires evaporated. They never did :(

I read 300 or so pages and skimmed the remaining ones. So I have an informed opinion on this story. It really wasn't for me. It was full of stereotypes (gender, ethnic and class), cheesy one sided relationships and the most yucky romance I've read in a while. The only salvaging part, is its setting. It was full of imaginary creatures and had a Jurassic park taste. This was really original, as I don't recall frequently encountering such settings in the fantasy books I read. But beyond this, sadly, I did not like this book.

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For my Fictional Meals section, I want to highlight Kari's vegetarianism. She loves eating fruits, nuts and vegetables. It's infrequent to read about this food choice in books. Really, I've read about specific cravings, requests and preferences, but being fond of vegetarian meals, it baffles me how little I read about it. I will start a campaign that proclaims: "more vegetarians in our fiction!!"

I received this ARC copy from Tor/Forge through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. Thank you for providing this!

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