Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"People Know me, but I don't know them. I've been sent far from home to recuperate. Why?"

Unwept (The Nightbirds, #1)Unwept by Tracy Hickman
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This book is strange. It took me a while to finish and more to sit down and write this review. It haunts me and I am not entirely sure if it is in a good way...

Let me start by the setting. It is eerie as hell. Our main character, Ellis Harkington wakes up from a very creepy dream, where she is a skeleton inside a grave.... yup. With rattling bones and all. However, once she wakes up, she has no clue of 1) who she is, 2) where she is, 3) who are her companions (a nurse and a crying baby) 4) where she is headed, 5) why her hair is short, 6) why she is wearing a green skirt, a colour she is not very fond of... lots and lots of unknowns in her life. But strangely enough EVERYONE around her seems to KNOW what is going on, and who she is. This is set around the time of the first World War, as there are allusions of combatants across the atlantic and the time-period is well depicted.

The town where Ellis ends up after her train ride is in Maine, and is called Gamin. The narration of this book transported me to that time/location very vividly.
 photo tumblr_mpa1qcsVFS1qhu7x0o1_500_zps55c75a55.gif

It is a HUGE mystery that will carry you throughout this book regarding the most strange people and things that occur around Ellis.

The pace of this book is slow but steady. It is told from various points of view, all adding up to the puzzle Ellis wants to assemble in order to regain a bit of herself and her sanity. Logic sort of flies away in this town.
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The cover is GORGEOUS. I kept going back to it while I was reading just to stare at it.

I have to say that although the buildup is steady, the actual revelations felt a bit all over immediately after I read the book. However, it's been a few days since I finished it, and I've had moments when this book unexpectedly came back and haunted me. Lots of details, and character's behaviours will definitely linger.

My BIG complaint is that this book felt too short. I wished it did't finished as abruptly as it did and that it could explain things more clearly about Gamin. I am still very confused about a lot of things... it felt incomplete. Lets hope for Book #2 soon.


This book was kindly provided by its publisher, Macmillan-Tor/Forge, through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. No solved mysteries where offered during this exchange. Thank you.

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