Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello Monday!

Beautiful sunny day!

This is going to be a FANTASTIC week. 

One good song to share: Paradise Circus by Massive Attack!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mastering the mystery of Masters

I graduated from my Master in Anthropology yesterday :) it was quite
fun to see the online ceremony. All those happy new grads who like me
share this fuzzy feeling of accomplishment. Yay! I should have been
chosen to write the speech ;)

Oh well, I can just give my own private speech once I receive my
diploma by mail. I have the strong feeling my family won't enjoy it
too much... Well, maybe I'll just post the first 12 pages of the
draft so it will be more enjoyable for them! (insert cheerful giggle sound here)
Nah, Just joking I am not that enthusiastic! Simply very grateful and happy!!

But just in case you were wondering, here is the aproved and published
on line version of my thesis: Aboriginal People in a Time of Disorder.
If the link fails and you really want to read, google my name: Lina
Gomez-Isaza and you'll find it!
Happy reading
And Congratulations to me!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Setting up my agenda

Great things are coming to Toronto these days (By now you should have realized that I really-REALLY like this city)

Awesomeness: Tomorrow, Nov 26th we've got Tim Burton's exhibition at the Bell TIFF Lightbox! It's going to be here until April 2011. I am sooo looking forward to see this exhibition. It comes straight from NY's MOMA, where I've read that it attracted so much attention and crowds, that it became the museums third most popular exhibition - the other ones if you are asking are the retrospectives on Matisse (1992) and Picasso (1980).

Colourful: The Cavalcade of Lights on November 27th: bringing up the Christmas spirit. At 7pm there will be the lightning of a very big Christmas tree. There will be fireworks and some live music.

Toronto's Symphonic Orchestra brings the Messiah. From Dec 16-21. You can hear a very neat podcast of the story of this concert here by it's conductor.

Ice Skating: already open (since Nov 20), at Harbourfront Centre. I will definitely try my (non)skating skills here!
Notice I proudly skate with a helmet...

The very best of the best - ever - most awesome, wonderful, people in the world will be making an appearance in this city for a month: Jesus and Carmenza. I can't wait until December 3rd. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I haven't read all the important stuff... ( just yet)

Tonight at midnight Harry Potter's first last part will open in theatres worldwide. Yeah, it's freaking awesome.
And taking in account the recent blue-ray HP marathon my family and I engaged, I am pretty excited about it. But to tell you the truth I believe I am not half as happy and enthusiastic as those million (or billion) and a half readers out there who faithfully followed the HP saga through written pages.

I just waited for the movies, -which are nice and cool and very creative- and that's as much information (and a couple of random Wikipedia searches) I have on this series. I know, I am lame, blame my interest in other epic sagas: the forensic anthropologist Tempe by Kathy Reichs, or the one and only Lestat and all the world Anne Rice created in 5+ books before seeking other kinds of inspiration and focusing on the Bible and Jesus.... no vampires over there, oh well... Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a very famous Colombian writer has this very very famous book: 100 years of solitude. People say is fantastic, he even won a Nobel Prize for this one! Wow, that means it must be awesome. Yes, another one I haven't read! Why you ask? well I really don't have any explanation, and frankly I don't want to read it. At this point in my life I fell a bit tired about reading of "costumbrismo" or everyday historic life of rural places. Yes, I sound a bit shallow. But I'm not just into it. There, I said it.

So going back to all the cool books people where reading while I was -er- I dunno, reading or watching something else? I sometimes feel I am part of a group that haven't read important stuff. And by important I say really important. I consider myself a news junkie. I check Google News +10 times a day and have been downloading more apps for news on a monthly basis. I even signed up on twitter just to follow minute by minute things that happen. All this information comes and goes as daily events just happen. But to be honest, I can describe with detail what kind of food does Tempe likes and Lestat's joy of music. I can't tell you what was the name of the new elected leader of Myanmar or what party he-she represent (yikes) I can't even tell the gender, and all this was all over the news last week. I am that forgetful.

Going back to Harry Potter, well, I have made my  mind and thanks to let's say, all the enthusiasm my sis describes on this, I have her copy of HP's Philosophers Stone in my hands. One less thing to worry about!
This is the cover of the book
 (yes, I  have it here!)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The things I love about TO: under construction

Arriving to TDot by train!
I've been embracing fully this city only recently, so here are my top choices of what I consider awesome about here

- Taking the streetcars makes me feel so stylish... -seriously- I love this piece of public transportation. Adds to the stylishness every time they ring the bell, aww so cute. But if you are wondering about time schedules, don't even bother, enjoy the ride and be aware that they come every 6-7 minutes.

- The Kensington market: what can I say... I find everything I want or didn't even thought I needed, like Colombian Obleas with Alpina arequipe and all, as well as sprouting seeds and inexpensive, organic and assorted sprouting seeds! And on this note, the cheeses grilled place around Nassau street: I give it 5 stars and 2 more for creatively solving the non-liquour licensing issue: go to the bar in front and we'll bring you your food: we are all friends! yay! that's teamwork for you/ 

- The P.A.T.H. although I have to point out that I am not a frequent user, I feel it shows how much urban planning involves functioning regularly throughout winter. I add points: all the coffee places down there, seriously, I could drink more than a cup every single corner twist. -1 point: I get very disoriented  

- Ontario lake makes me happy about not missing the fresh salty ocean water of Vancouver.

- I feel very hypnotized about the CN tower, it is quite colourful yet bulky. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about it. I find it iconic, symbolic and huge. But I can't quite tell if it goes along my aesthetic standards.

- My new neighbourhood as of Dec 1st: High Park- on the Boor Village corridor.  Which I will come back to it often in this blog. And on this note, all the different and contrasting neighbourhoods. This will obviously lead to an all well to discussed-studied-explored rant about TO's diversity, which I choose not to follow, right here but simply point out: yes, is a very diverse city. Much more than Vancouver.   
- On a personal note: being close to my family. Beyond that, I can survive any kind of weather or lousy job market.