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“Just a rat, she repeated to herself. After all, there were rats in the palace. Human and otherwise. Could be worse.”

The Demon King (Seven Realms, #1)The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima
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This book was fun. I had read so many positive things about this series, so I decided to give it a go through my favourite medium, audiobooks. And boy was I right.

The book starts slow. At some points it dragged a bit and I took big listening hiatuses in between. However, there is a part on it's last quarter when you just want to listen all the way without any interruptions. This book obviously reminded me of Tolkien and Robert Jordan's worlds. I had a great time listening and better yet, i had a lovely read-along discussion time with my friend Kerry, who read it with me. Lots of details, nicknames, laughs and wonderings during our readalong.

The Seven Realms are a convoluted place. A thousand years ago there was this thing called the Breaking, where a very powerful wizard, the Demon King broke the world and all the Clans had to help to save it. A charismatic queen Hanalea had a prominent role in saving the world and making an allegiance with the Clans, making bargains to ensure wizards won't gain as much powers as they did and that no queens would be able to marry wizards. We start by having a quick introduction into this world by an unruly young wizard (Micah Bayar) who tries to herd some deers by burning the forest. Witnesses to this event, Dancer and Han (the later, one of our main characters) confront the young wizard and a chain reaction of events occurs, triggered by the decisions of this encounter. This carefully unfolds throughout this story.

This book is told from two main points of view, Princess Raisa ana'Marianna (alias Rebecca Morley) and Han Alister, with his aliases: street rat name - Cuffs, Clan name: - Hunts Alone. It also has an in between character, Amon Byrne, friend and guard of Raisa who occasionally adds his view.

We've got an I-haven't-done-anything (sure) kind of character in Lord Bayar, Micah's father and High Wizard.

im a lier photo tumblr_mfvrmghqPo1rbuuzlo2_250_zps296ce21c.gif

A magical scary amulet

my precious photo mypreciouss_zpsbbcb74e2.gif

We also have the best (saddest) description of a possible romantic interest, Amon by Raisa's view:
"comfortable, like a pair of broken-in moccasins." *sad face*

 photo cb3b237fda1afdeba6926f6b8c971dbe_zps2de1d90c.jpg

Also, secret secret meetings and night escapes!

 photo tumblr_mmiur3WJHc1s5b9m4o1_500_zps7a144937.gif

And good old bad-desisions-with-bad-consequences

 photo tumblr_n1tp1gLAT81snbw29o1_250_zps9f9b285b.gif

*fist-bump* you guessed it right. There is a part, when it gets obvious, that yes, you'll find both of our characters being awesome and outsmarting evil or learning what they can do.

because im batman photo becauseimbatman_zps4602e5ea.gif

It was fun, entertaining and very very rich.

I'm ready for more!

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