Thursday, January 8, 2015

After 3 months of inactivity... *waves* Oh, Hi!

So, it has been almost 3 months since I updated my Blog. I feel a bit guilty, about it, but truly, life got really busy for me and I ended up having to choose between reading my books or reviewing them... so for obvious reasons reading became the norm.

I completed my 2014 reading challenge just minutes away from midnight, by reading a Neil Gaiman comic book, Sandman, almost too tipsy from that wickedly good New Years celebration champagne. It was crazy good and left me craving for more comics on the near future.

In overall, I have done great with my reading. Keeping up with my favourite genres, authors and characters, as well as devoting completely to the joy of audiobooks. I listen through my daily commute and they make time fly!!

I was just checking my stats on the Audible app, and I have listened for 17 days and 12 hours... that is A LOT of time well spent!

I plan to make more listening time throughout 2015!!

For 2015, I am pledging again to read 100 books and I am glad to know that today, January 8th, I am already on track!! Woot whoot (pats oneself in the back)!

I also plan to finish some unfinished series! I started beautifully by finishing reading Robin Lafever's His Fair Assassin series, and now I am tackling Karina Halle's Experiment in Terror, I have read 6 out of 9 books, sooo.... 
It had become a habit of mine to leave series unfinished because 1) they were still ongoing so i probably had to wait for the last book to be published or 2) I really didn't wanted to put an end! But I've told myself, it is time. 

And lastly, something I am super excited about! My girlfriends and I are starting a Book Club!! Isn't it amazing?
They wanted something along the lines of 50 Shades and I suggested Sylvia Day's Bared to You. I haven't read it yet.... but basically, I have zero expectations, so I know that it will be a fun experience to share with the girls!!

Those cufflinks always catch my attention, Lol!