Saturday, June 7, 2014

” I don’t care if I have to lie and report that Vlad likes finger painting with dolphin blood in his spare time."

Vampire CrushVampire Crush by A.M. Robinson
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I needed this book. As a lifelong friend of vampire stories, I rarely read funny ones. Thank you book for not taking itself too seriously :) I laughed out loud in various parts!

Funny thing, it reminded me a lot of Sarah Rees Brennan's main character, Kami Glass, of her book Unspoken.

Sophie wants to become the Editor in Chief of her school's newspaper. She has mad journalistic skills and is tasked with the job of interviewing half of the new students in her school: Vlad, Violet, Marisabel and Neville. Surprising enough, these kids have odd antics, making her mission an intriguing one, since they skimishly refuse to answer her questions...

Aren't they mysterious?

and you die photo tumblr_mqmtyqWu021rdqbfro1_500_zpseb675f22.gif

It's a funny book focusing on a vampiric teen commonplace theme, but delivers an entertaining story. If you get too picky, there is a lot that needs to be explained which is left unanswered, but I just recomend it for those relaxing times when you want some light reads and laughable moments.

Great addition to my vampy collection!

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