Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup 2014 related reading hiatus

I'm not that big of a deal football fan. Nope. The husband is the die-hard-I-can't-miss-a-game-or-my-heart-will-hurt kind of guy. So, imagine what happens in our household during a World Cup...specially one, where our country's team classified.

 photo tumblr_n795prphly1rkvr2to2_250_zps1b93610f.gif

I slow but steadily gravitate into this crazy 3 matches per day schedule.... and guess what! My reading challenges/routines have bottom rocketed (is that a word?)....

I have two reviews to write, a book to read and very little time.... oh well, I guess I have to shut Twitter down, close Facebook and just start reading!

Or just stare into this gorgeous fellow that will keep me away from the football madness. Lol.

hi gorgeous photo eye-candy-jeremy-7_zpsc6208213.jpg

But just in case you were wondering. I am still around. Just probably watching the next game.

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