Friday, December 17, 2010

Google: it's all about the right context

Grad school has taught me some few great things.There is a particular one that I can't stop thanking enough to have learned. I have become keen to notice different social labels and I am fascinated at various kinds of everyday terminology. I am enthralled by this. And this is why it has been quite a few months that I giggle while I login to my Gmail account (or to any Google related products such as this blog). Why you ask? well, the line that is below the username space showing an example, transports me to a completely different social meaning.
~ giggling ~

Have you guessed? yes, no?

Well, it makes me think about Expatriates or the social category of those commonly referred as Expats. And I laugh thinking about how Google is an example of an expat by its own nature of being everywhere and nowhere. Yes I am social sciences nerd.     

Wednesday, December 1, 2010