Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ghana-Gana vs US?

The word "win" in Spanish is :Gana
We've been word-playing throughout the match F and I.

¿SerĂ¡ que Ghana gana?
¿Ghana no gana?
Si no gana Ghana, gana el otro que no es Ghana

Ok, enough ranting for half time lets go back to: Watching

Image: A man painted with Ghanaian colours dances during celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Ghana's independence in Accra. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

*I want that at least one African team passes to the next round. That's why I want them to Ganar!!

17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat - The Oatmeal

17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat - The Oatmeal


Cats keep the world go around and surely kitty love is highly rewarded on this end of the keyboard. I know I promised to keep this space productive with my thesis, but today I received an e-mail form my supervisor announcing a BIG list of comments on my draft, and I won't get them until a week form now (he will be traveling...), so I feel a need to post cute faces, this will make me happy...  --- whose heart wont melt with these cute felines? (I am a proud auntie of the first ones and the three last ones, we've been roommates)

Behold my kitty love gallery:

Kiya (Natalia's new young rommie)

Ace (Molly's new guy-we've got to meet in person)

Lia and Lorenzo (Natalia I, Pablo and Federico's Landlords in Philadelphia)

Sabina and Agatha 

Watson & Me
Now I feel like a crazy cat lady...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sabina & Clea

Sabina & Clea, originally uploaded by lechealpina.
Thinking about you dear Clea....
As the Flickr caption (in Spanish) says: I know you are enjoying kitty heaven full of freshly ironed shirts, warm for your daily naps.

Gardening is not fun

 The garden was attacked by a bunch of Aphids! Nasty tough pests, they killed my desire for planting for the season. I have no energy to keep them away. (They make me soooo angry that I wasn't even able to post a real picture of them here, I can live with a 'cute' version of these buggers)
For now, my "gardening" enthusiasm has limited to Sprouts! Yay, here is instant growing-your-own-food gratification! In your face ...Aphids