About this place

What is this place about?
This space started as a virtual venting site during my Sociocultural Anthropology graduate school life. However, after a while it became my book heaven. Basically I read a lot and I enjoy writing down my thoughts on the books I read, my love of reading and anything that comes to mind.

Why I am 'Writing from the Verge'? 
Well, this is where the cultural anthropologist nerdy time comes to life. In the history of anthropology, there was a slight change of focus of study where researchers wanted to stop doing 'armchair anthropology' or the 'from veranda approach'  and go into 'the field'. Once, during school, I watched a documentary of a very prominent guy, Bronislaw Malinowski, who was one of the pioneers in these line of thoughts. The documentary was called 'Off the Veranda'. I named my blog writing from the verge, since it reminded me a lot of those notions: what does it mean to be 'in the field' or sitting from comfy place and observing. I felt I was in the verge: 'the limit or point beyond which something begins or occur'. Anyways, it sounded cooler at that time and it stuck.

Who are you?
My name is Lina. I've recently moved back to Colombia from Canada. I am obsessed in no particular order with cherries, vampires, cats, mysteries and purple things. I will read anything that has either of the above.

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Looking at the bigger picture - on the Verge
Painting by Magritte  L'assassin menacĂ©  (Threatening Murderer, 1926-27) 

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