Wednesday, February 12, 2014

'Demons can sense you like catnip'

Most Wanted: A fantasy romance (The Shadow Blade series, #1)Most Wanted: A fantasy romance by E.L Friel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'He had a body to die for. Well, not to die for, because no man was worth dying for'

This pretty much sums up the roller-coaster of action pack (and so very sexy) events that unfold through the book 'Most Wanted'.

I randomly picked up this book after I saw a great twitter recommendation and review from Shaheen (speculatef on Twitter). After a quick checklist: sexy demon slayer, powerful kickass heroine, vampires and lots of hot sexy promises, handsome half naked guy on the cover; I was sold on this book and used that handy evil 1-click-buying option for Kindle.

It's written from two POV's. We get acquainted with Ariel McQueen, a very strong minded skilled bounty hunter. She has a very tortured and complicated life. My heart both ached and cheered for her! Reading what's in her head was fun.

Then, we cozy up with mister I-am-noble-sexy-and-demon-hunter, Jax Slayer. A pretty much badass name. His POV is just so enjoyable! I was delighted with his prowess as a fighter (both wen facing a vampire and a fierce Ariel) and of course his sexy manoeuvres. Mhhh this book has a lot of pages devoted to very carefully describing each sexual encounter between these two, and let me tell you ...*soaking face in cold water* it was good!

This book was short, but delivered what it promised. I really look forward to read more adventures (and sexy-times) between these two.

I'll just finish off with this funny catchphrase that talks a lot about Ariel and her sense of humour: 'demons can sense you like catnip'.

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