Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quiet reading time: winter and soft pillows

This week has been an interesting one - book wise of course-. Deeply immersing myself into the world of The Game of Thrones, I can hear Winter is Coming and gaze with a smile all that snow from my window (thanking the +33 hours of pure entertainment the audiobook is delivering). I've been finishing some short stories, doing some series re-readings and catching up to life and new world events.

Winter is Coming  
The View

Thus, this is reflected in my blog's silence.

I am currently reading Richelle Mead's Indigo Spell and Sydney cracks me up. How can you not laugh at her quirkiness when you read this:

'Meanwhile, I had to keep my face blank, to look as though I was a normal Alchemist with no concern for unholy vampire events. Neither of my companions questioned me, so apparently I pulled it off. Maybe, I had a future in poker.' 


My advise: Make sure to have a soft pillow close by when you read The Bloodlines series. It will help you channel any frustrated energy you may have towards Sydney's decisions. 

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