Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Evil, in my books, was a million times worse than ghosts."

Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1)Darkhouse by Karina Halle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First impression after reading:

This book was simply brilliant!!!
Scary as shit. Creepy, funny, suspenseful and full on nail gripping. Perry Palomino, it's been freaking fantastic being in your head.
This book deserves a good review. I'll come back here later once I get some sleep.


My thoughts:

Darkhouse is written from the POV of Perry Palomino. A 22 year old woman that lives in Oregon with her parents and younger sister. In her life she has tried to be many things: musician (she has a guitar), stuntwoman (she owns a motorbike, has taken karate and classes) and went to communications school focusing on advertisement. Her life so far has a taste of simplicity, where she wishfully craves hidden doses of awesomeness in the future. However, her story will change once she decides to explore a lighthouse located in her uncle's property. I won't spoil anything else so you may dive at your own pace into this book.

What impressed me the most is how real Perry Palomino feels. Being in her head made everything told better. Her train of thoughts, descriptions, insecurities, solutions, observations and wits made her real. I feel strong kinship with her in some of her life choices. Even fashion wise (I love my Docs and Chucks),music wise (Radiohead and Massive Attack) and her hair dye.

Then, there is Dex who I feel extremely confused about as I'm sure Perry is. I have no clue what to expect from him. He is indescribable as a character. He is just weird. But in a 'I want to know mooooaaaarrr' kind of way.

The plot gives you lots of suspense. Perry is having awful vivid nightmares. On her visit to the lighthouse I was shit scared and some of the things that she sees.... Oh my. It was a good book for reading at night during a winter storm.

I feel this book touched all my geeky + curious + scary + dark + witty core. That side of me that used to love mosh pits, cussed the world, got a tattoo at 15, took forensic anthropology courses and devoured books by Sherlock Holmes. Such is the way with some books that bring that strange side of you.

I read this is a 8 book series (arghh why so long? I'm only in book #1 of Game of Thrones), but let me tell you: I'm willing to sign up for it.

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