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"What kind of monster you become is entirely up to you”

 My review/thoughts of The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was brutal. Both lovely and deadly.

The second installment of the Blood of Eden series fulfilled my expectations and more.

Let me start with a bit of background story, a nice refresher for the sake of buildup of this cool world.

The world is grey, cold, ruined, dirty and empty. After the Red Lung plague, the human population was decimated, vampires revealed their existence to the human living survivors, creating vampire controlled cities, where humans are protected by a Vampire ruler in return of blood. It's pretty much a very nasty time to be a human, or a newborn vampire without a place in the world but what can Allison Sekemoto do? She was a Fringer, an unregistered human that barely survived, then she was turned vampire, then she was forced to leave her city, band up with a bunch of humans who were seeking Eden (a sanctuary of sorts for only humans) and afterwards, went back to her solo wanderings. This is pretty much where the first book, The Immortal Rules described.

On our list of main characters:

Allison Sekemoto, our bad-ass main vampire heroine, whose best friend is a katana and her fangs.

In case you don't remember (yeah, right? how can you forget!), hot swoon-worth human, Allie kisses: Ezekiel Crosse. Son of Jebbadiah, a crazy psycho preacher who leads the group of humans seeking Eden.

Jackal, vampire raider king who pretty much massacred a whole bunch of humans Allie cared about.

Kanin, vampire Master who turned Allie into a vampire and taught her everything about being a vampire. He is her sire.

Sarren, psychotic, crazy, sadist, evil, did I mentioned psychotic? vampire.

The Eternity Cure starts where The Immortal Rules left. Allie is desperately trying to find Kanin who was kidnapped by Sarren. She follows him by using a vampire skill, where she can sense him through a the blood bond they share. She can sense and see through her dreams the awful things Sarren is doing to Kanin. By following this blood "pull", she unexpectedly runs into Jackal. Will he prove to be an ally, or stab her in the back? [I am still unsure at this point. (hide spoiler)]

I love vampire books. They are always dark (and most always set in nighttime), full of blood action, hot guys, blood fights, and blood ethical questions regarding what makes us human, and of course blood. They tend to bring what's human to the table and shatter it in pieces. I love to reconstruct these pieces!

What makes Julie Kagawa's Blood of Eden series special? EVERYTHING!

- Are you looking for a Dystopia? this book has one!

- Do you want a bad-ass, conflicted, strong and awesome heroine? Allison Sekemoto. Period.

- Is it a bit of blood you seek? I am still cleaning up after this bloodshed.

- Do you want ruthless killings and vampires? Done and Done.

- Do you want to have a taste of sorrow? In this book you can vividly hear your heart break.[ I'm still teary eyed with Zeke's torture and effing Stick's betrayal (hide spoiler)]

- Do you ponder about the nature of choices, humanity, guilt, ethical boundaries and life? Here you can find some good dilemmas.

- And of course, do you loooveeeeeee stories with kisses, sweet romance, where there is no bad boy, but a bad girl? Allison and Zeke "Kay Eye Ess Ess Eye En Gee" under a tree ground

Read this book, read this series and join me in this Blood of Eden twisted world.


This book was kindly provided to me by the publisher, Harlequin, through Netgalley. Thank you for calming my blood thirst for this series!

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