Monday, April 15, 2013

A letter for Rule

Rule by Jay Crownover

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Dear Rule,

I was in your head for some time these last few days. I have to admit, you taught me stuff, you gave me hot sexy images and you made me wonder a lot about relationships. You... you... tattooed, pierced up guy... *sigh*
What a complex book character you are.
I was worried about many things from the beginning of our acquaintance. Specially the predictability of your actions/thoughts. However, the cleverness and sincerity of your choices and emotions changed my mind.
I am sorry for your losses.
I am happy for your eagerness and willingness to try.
I am awed about your capability to transform your views of sex and love. I consider very high on my list of things to admire about you: how much you respect Shaw, her decisions and uniqueness.
Let me emphasize, dear Rule, in how much I was impressed with the way you decided to take up this thing Shaw and you had, and infused it with so much respect, care and work; even though you were unexperienced in relationships. And your previous examples were not my cup of tea.

I had some good moments using Google to find out about piercings; specially searching a Jacob's ladder and a apadravya. Wow. No words. Yup, I was too shy to admit that I was curious. Thanks for clarifying some of this stuff.

Please tell Shaw it was also a pleasure to meet her. Tell her she made me reflect a bit on my own way of perceiving the world; specially her acceptance in others. She has a handful when faced pleasing the ones around her instead of herself, however I admire her for trying. I wish I could have her gift of understanding events and the ability to focus on the real causes behind them. She is very smart and strong. I appreciate to see her being a very focused woman with high esteem who is willing to fight for what she wants and who she wants.

So, dear Rule, this was a good time we had together. I really hope you're doing great in your tattoo shop, that you and Shaw are still keeping up with all that hot fun sex and that your hair colour matches your blue eyes.

Please know that I'll keep you guys close to my heart and I can't wait to hear about Jet and Rome's life.



P.S. can we schedule and appointment for a tattoo soon? I'll be cool with anything except Casper the ghost. I know it's special for you!

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