Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: When the Sea is Rising Red

When the Sea is Rising Red
When the Sea is Rising Red by Cat Hellisen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book reminds me of pickles (yes, humour me). Pickled cucumbers and pickled foods are one of my favourite little treats. These wonderful green delicacies entice me to savour them once they catch my eye in the fridge. And the result is usually the same:

- Oh yummy, I want you NOW!

- [Opens the jar, struggles getting the right pickle]... sits downs and smiles

- *crunch* yum, This is tasty

- 2nd bite: humm this is a bit salty... but soo good!

- Halfway through... humm I am a little bit overwhelmed... [checks the sodium content of the jar] Ahhhh this is soo bad for me! I can't smell or taste anything different than this tangy - salty pickleness.

- 75% done: If I keep doing this I might be smelling like pickles for a week! I need to stop [but I have never left a pickle uneaten]

- Finished: Yay these are so delicious, Maybe I'll just bite a tiny bit of another one. I can't have enough!
In a pickle

So yes, these are similar sensations and thoughts I had when reading this book. It had familiar ingredients: vampires, magic, a kind of a weird love triangle of main characters: a girl who is a magic welder, a bad boy and a vampire. The setting was eerie and foggy. Halfway through I felt a bit bored, but I really wanted to finish it (like my pickles).

Four days ago I finished it and it was not what I expected. Not at all... It is a fresh new story among the many YA Paranormal ones I've been reading. It is a quick one to read, but left me with a tangy taste... I'm 'in a pickle' with this one... I don't know if I really truly, seriously, enjoyed it... (not like my pickles).

On a side note, the cover kept reminding me of Carrie Ryan's "The Death Tossed Waves"... and in some instances I kept watching out for zombies ;)
Forest of Hands and Teeth #2

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