Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Stray

Stray by Andrea K. Höst

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Hands down an epic amazingbaaaalllls sci-fi adventure!
This book is so creative! it goes beyond and above your typical YA fantasy. Where your female 17 year old main character is not whining about life, her hair, clothes, boys or her emo life. No, this girl is all business, what practical things to do to survive and realistic as it can get. How would you act, what would you do if all of a sudden you end up in an alternate unfamiliar world with absolutely no knowledge of how you ended up there?

The first part of this book is all about Cassandra (Cass) describing in her diary what is happening, and trying -barely- to make sense and survive with what she had at the time of her strange trip to another reality: her uniform, backpack with basic school supplies, a bag of tissues, an empty diary she was planning to give to a friend and an empty bottle of Fanta.
Yup, not too much to go with... so you may as well imagine all the different scenarios she faces.

Being told in first person -diary-reality- form makes it even better. You learn experience and learn things at the same time as Cass does, making this a sci-fi journey of discovery.

Loved it!! I even recommended it to my husband, since it lacked all the I'm - such - a girly - chicky - flick - kind - of - book (which I admit I also love to read). Personally, its a perfect read for anyone who wants a simple, yet very smart, survivalist sci-fi story.... It was that good!

This book is full of fun witty references to familiar stuff I like: music, books, artists, writers and states of mind.

I'm so glad I bought the whole trilogy in a package .... [dives straight to book 2].

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