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Review: Sanctum

Sanctum by Sarah Fine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was so creative and original. I was glued to it from its first paragraph.

'On my first day at Warwick High School, if you'd told me I would choose to go to hell for any of the students, let alone Warwick's queen bee, I would have laughed. Or maybe I would have stabbed you with a ballpoint pen (it was kind of a rough day).'


It is impossible to stop reading after this opening. If you're reading this, you might be a bit familiar with the story this book tells: Lela's best friend, Nadia, kills herself. Leaving Lela devastated with the certainty that Nadia is in a Dark City that will eat her soul (or something as ugly), making Lela go to this place and try to get her out. Sounds dark, scary and simple... Not! Well yes it's dark and scary bit far beyond simple.

This book is good! It's evil! You won't be able to pull it down until you reach page 417, and then you want moooooreeee, which thankfully Sarah Fine was nice enough to add a few pages on for a sneak peek of book 2.

Lela Santos, you're strong, loyal and strange. You're smart, but sometimes I want to just scream sense in your brain!!!! Meaning: I was pretty much invested in this book. As I actually imagined this character real: flawed and broken, but with a hugggeeee heart.

Captain Malachi Sokol: who said hell was bad??? It has you!!!! It was awesome meeting you and I really would like learning more about your life and afterlife. I hope this will come more in the next books.
This is a great series starter. It gives a lot of world building and character investment that you really don't care as much about the things still unknown, because the main story is tightly developed and beautifully delivered.

I liked the language, pace and the descriptions.
I like being inside Lela's head. I am soooooo looking forward to what happens next.
I liked this book so much I had actually borrowed from the library, but by page 54, I had to own it and it was quickly added to my Kindle account. I'm committed to own good books and this one joined the list with flying colours.

Sarah Fine: please write some moarrrrr. Feed my brain with your stories: I am ready :)

It has a cool map too:

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