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Review: Touch of Power

Touch of Power
Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars
10 hours and 9 minutes after opening this book... I can honestly say Maria V. Snyder you make me happy!! I am really looking forward to continue reading more of this series. Maria is a skilled fantasy-action-world building author. I really enjoy her books.

Having read the Study series and the Insider books, I was very ready to dive head first into a new series and this one has proved so far to fill all my expectations.

Avery is a healer in a world that persecutes them. The world changed after a plague that decimated the 15 realms, whose survivors became weary of healers, and their lack of active action to prevent this widespread disease. We are introduced into this world when Avery finds herself in dire circumstances after healing a child. She is turned by the very parents of the child whom she healed to be executed. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when a band of mysterious wanderers offer her an escape from certain death.

There are politics, intrigue, action and lots of creative descriptions of plants, sceneries and companionship. As usual, being a Harlequin book, the romance was an underlying part of this plot. My only critique was that many of the character's crossings and motivations were not very hard to guess, and expected betrayals and changes of heart were just too obvious. However I really found this book a fun one to read (yes, after reading it through in one day).

One image that I carry in my head are these fantastic flowers which are constantly appearing in the story. The Death and Peace Lily. As such, my dear readers I will leave you with the best image that I can conjure open for creative minds

(With thanks to Abi who kindly lend me this picture he took)

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