Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hola ~Hello: A brief update

Still reading.

1) Haven't finished the last book of Game of Thrones (but pretty close)... this has been a long journey with the husband, since they're all in audiobook format, and more than 40 hours of listening for each book.

2) Had a crappy first half of the year, with lots of personal stuff affecting my reading enthusiasm (losses and delicate health issues in my close and extended circle). However, reading Manga helped a lot. Thank you Attack on Titan *sends love*

3) Romance is in the air. Just finished reading a new Ann Aguirre book, and I'm so glad to have done so. What a fun book :)

4) Been venturing into lots of different activities: cooking, excersising, gardening and jewelry making, adding to this, an (un)healthy devotion to a Star Wars related mobile game.... life has been interesting....

5) Spending some relaxing moments at the cottage.

5) This month is our 10th year wedding anniversary, and I'm so happy to see how our love is strong and growing. 

To be continued. ...
The cottage's view

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