Sunday, September 7, 2014

Farewell August: Mini opinionated discussion of the books I read this month.

Apparently it is becoming a theme these past months. Life gets in my way and I lazily dismiss any entries on my blog. *tsk-tsk*  I must change this, I know, since this is a space I simply ADORE!

My excuse this month is simple. I got too busy with work! I barely had time to read, lest review. In my defence, I started a new job last month and it is really hard to balance my work/life. I had to stay until too late these past days working and I am not happy about it. The brighter side: I am doing something that relates completely with my career, anthropology, thus feeding my professional career with meaningful work (and is a government job too!) is a very positive move.

My commute time was extremely well spent listening to audiobooks. These are the times when I am ecstatic about my Audible membership. I am able to enjoy my readings and rest my tired eyes while listening! I started the month by reading the second book in A.A. Aguirre's Apparatus Infernum series, Silver Mirrors.

This book started  immediately after Bronze Gods left.  Inspectors Celeste Ritsuko and Janus Mikani are cleaning up the mess left by the magical device that was pivotal to the previous book. They are sent overseas to try to discover the source of strange occurrences happening, such as a wailing, crying train, machines that decide to sprout a life of their own and the disruption of communications. It is apparent that they are way over their heads from the moment they set sails.
The worldbuilding, as usual, was amazing and the adventures, fights and characters blew my mind away.

This book's sexual tensions are the best if not frustrating! I looooonnngggggg for more Mikani + Ritsuko time (and kisses!)
I want MORE adventures please!!!

 2) I moved to a different kind of genre this month: realistic fiction. Being a fantasy lover, I am very picky on my realistic books. I had read amazing reviews about Kristy Eagar's Raw Blue and had bought it long long time ago. It was just sitting on my Kindle, begging to be read. I AM SO GLAD I DID.

It was just AMAZING. It is raw as its title and I couldn't stop looking at the cover every few pages.

This book made me cry like a baby and exposed my soul to its words. I was moved beyond reason with Carly's story. I am not very familiar with surfing, so I was kind of worried I was going to be lost. But I was oh so wrong. I learned a lot about the ocean from this book's pages.

Basically, this was one of those life altering kind of books... what is it with these talented Australian writers?

3) I was just on a roll about my realistic fiction books. I had read that Sarah Alderson decided to write Out of Control inspired by the need to empower teens into taking a stand into world issues, particularly about human trafficking (Here are her thoughts). I really applaud this attempt, thus I decided to give it a try and bought it.

I was immediately thrown to a fast-paced chase, where Olivia (Liva) has to run for to save her life with Jaime (Jay) throughout New York.

The story was fun, until a nightclub scene made me want to punch Liva, but in overall, I was satisfied.

4) I finished reading the AMAZING, unique and unforgettable The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima.
I listened to its glorious 4 books: The Demon King, The Exiled Queen, The Grey Wolf Throne and The Crimson Crown and I was just mesmerized. Han Alister, Fire Dancer, Raisa Anamarianna, Amon Byrn and Micah Bayar will forever inhabit my mind. Their story was spectacular.
I wish EVERYONE reads this fantasy books (I managed to convince the hubs as well). I am just sad it ended, since I think I need more Han + Raisa in my life.

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