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"Nothing ever seemed to work according to her plans. She should stop making them"

Medair Dulogy by Andrea K Höst
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I read the Medair Duology from start to finish in less than 24 hours. I sort of had to do human stuff in between to make sure I was still... mh... human? Yes, that's the type of obsessive reading I have every time I grab an Andrea K Höst book. Her stories simply kidnap my brain and take it into this weird place where I cannot fathom my existence without finishing her stories... I know super randomly poetic, but seriously, I think there is a Höst psychological condition that has been unexplored because, Wow! I transform into a zombie persona and I won't revive unless I read the final word with it's accompanying little end period. Since this is starting to sound too crazy, I will put it in lay words: YOU MUST READ ANDREA K HÖST'S BOOKS.  Done. I'm finally free to roam the world!

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But let's go back to the Medair Duology. This series comprises two books: The Silence of Medair and Voice of the Lost. It is a high Fantasy story located in the remote Land of Farakkan. Here, magic, bloodlines and loyalties are the rule. You'll get acquainted with Medair. A herald for the Empire who in an attempt to save it from impending war, ventured into a quest to find a mythical horn. However, when she did find it, she emerged from its hiding place discovering that 500 years went by and the world as she knew it was completely transformed. This is roughly the introduction to Medair's story. So amazing, unique and intriguing I was immediately lost into its words.
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I had so many emotions when reading these books: love, confused, WTF, fist-bump, WTF, *tears* confused again... yup, the whole roller-coaster neatly packed in 400 pages. Phew- I survived this ride and so should you!

The worldbuilding is awesome. The story does not dwell in explaining much, but just brings you straight to the core of things. Basically, you'll remain confused a large part of it, however, there is a point in between both books it simply *clicks* into place and all makes sense. Really. Trust me. Get both books and you wont regret it.

Lots of things from these books had me thinking really hard. The romance, I adored, as well as Medair's loyalties. Medair is a strong and fierce woman, very interesting main character that curls up within your heart.

Probably the weakest issue and the most important part that made me question lots of things was: if 500 years passed did Farakkan didn't change regarding it's tools and technology? I seriously doubt it. Inventions, settlements, agricultural systems, means of transportation do change A LOT. 500 years of thriving smart people doesn't reflect much in the before/after horn Medair lives. But yeah, I'm just nitpicking at this point. This story will truly haunt me. I can feel it... like previous Höst's books I kind of wish I had a magic eraser to forget so I can re-introduce myself to them over and over again.

Fictional Meals

In Medair's handy infinite bag, she carries helpful snacks. In various occasions her stash of dried meat, fruits and soggy bread helped her and her travelling companions fend off hunger and exhaustion. I find it always interesting how much dried foods provided (and still do) nutritious goods when facing extreme circumstances.

I was just checking my pantry and I do carry a fine stash of dried stuff! I'm guessing if I had Medair's fancy bag I would probably carry this stuff and chocolate. Lots and lots of it. And obviously coffee, but I don't know if Farakkan's are aware of that delightful god's elixir.... Their loss!

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I've seen some really positive reviews for Andrea's books, and I think I may even own one, so thanks for reminding me of her work, it sounds like her writing really works for you :)

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