Friday, May 30, 2014

#ArmchairBEA - Day 5 "Fictional Meals"

To finish off in style these 5 days of blogging in ArmchairBEA, I want to highlight my obsession with books' fictional meals and share with you my favourite supeeerrrr easy green soup recipe.

Why? Because I've recently discovered that this soup has superpowers of boosting your imagination and making you happy when reading High Fantasy books... Random, I know. But trust me. Give it a Go!

 photo fantasia_zps0b109d08.gif

Lina's Magical Green Soup:

- A bunch of spinach
- 3 or 4 celery stacks, diced
- 1/2 a cup of green peas
- 1 head of fresh broccoli, diced
- 1 green pear peeled and diced (<---secret ingredient)
- 2 or 3 basil leaves
- 1/2 head of white onion, diced
- A little bit of diced fresh ginger (1/2 a teaspoon of powdered works as well)
- 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric
- 1 clove of garlic, minced
- 1 Spoon of olive oil
- Salt & pepper to taste


In a skillet, sauté the onion with olive oil.
Fill a medium pot with water, add all ingredients (including the sautéed onions) and bring to boil. Reduce heat. With a hand blender mix all ingredients, heat for 5 minutes and VOILÁ!

Enjoy :)

My advice, once you finish this magical soup have a warm cup of Earl Grey tea. It will give you extra super-powers!


Lisa Pottgen said... Reply To This Comment

Oooh! Magic soup? Interesting.. Course, my children would look at me like I was crazy because it is GREEN

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I have to try this!! by the way just saw yesterday a cool new book at my library, about fictional meals, putting together recipes found in novels

Hazel said... Reply To This Comment

I'm scared. When you say Magical soup, does it mean I'll suddenly sprout pointy ears and a tail when I eat it? O.O

Wesley Hoffmann said... Reply To This Comment

Ok,Im a terrible cook but I think even I could do this!

Allison Bruning said... Reply To This Comment

Yummy, magical soup!

Liviania said... Reply To This Comment

This sounds good! I should get a hand blender.

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment

@Lisa Pottgen

Hehe Lisa, tell them that is Dragon soup!

Better yet, I forgot to mention that is vegetarian so maybe a Brontosaurus' favourite meal :P

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Emmanuelle!!
Thank you for stopping by :D

Oh, if you remember the name of the book you saw I would love to know ore about it!

And I was just lurking around your beautiful painted rocks! You are so talented!!!!!!!

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment


Don't be scared. Pointy ears and tails may be a great fashion statement these days :D

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment

@Wesley Hoffmann

Wesley, I am a terrible cook as well (shhhh don' tell, specially since I am all about food and cooking). This is exactly why I decided to share my no-fail recipe: it's easy and it makes me happy.

And a happy belly makes a happy reader :)

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment

@Allison Bruning
Yes Allison, you taste it and you smile... see? Magic.

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment


Oh, hand blenders are the best for making your cooking life easy. I love mine :)

Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages said... Reply To This Comment

LINA! Where have you been my entire life?! I make lembas bread from LotR ALL THE TIME. And I've finally found a butterbeer recipe that I am dying to try. I was actually going to make lembas bread to go along with my Middle-earth post at the beginning of ABEA, but I got side tracked! Eep. I am going right away to look at your other fictional meals! Extra <3 for the Earl Grey mention. :)

Jennifer Hartling said... Reply To This Comment

Magical soup!! Sounds good to me :D

Deb @ Read Write Tell said... Reply To This Comment

Okay...that soup sounds delicious. Will copy the recipe and give it a go! Thanks...and too cool on your fictional meal obsession. I like it!