Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#ArmchairBEA - Day 2 "More Than Just Words "

Books have the capacity to take you places. Yup, you are able to travel to different places in the world, through space, time and sometimes visit parallel worlds.

I believe that reading is simultaneously a Space and Place.

Such travelling can also be done by listening to stories... and what better way to create memories about the stories you experience than through audiobooks?

I am a big fan of this format. I have been a long time subscriber to Audible.com, and I simply adore it. Spoken words find a direct link to my heart, specially when combined with good narrators. They become my second conscience as I move through the world doing my everyday stuff.

Mostly, my favourite part of reading lots of books by listening to audiobooks is the way my memories of what I do or experience enrich the stories I read.

For example, I'm doing the whole series from G. R. R. Martin's 'A song of Ice and Fire' better known for 'A Game of Thrones' in audiobook format with my husband. We both listen at the same time with headphones or speakers, thus we have fun commenting events, characters and predictions. It is wonderful to share. We have also make it our plan when we take walks together, drive and best of all, travel together. My memories of our last vacation are intertwined with these books, and I find it fascinating that we are both able to enjoy reading the same thing at the same time. Luckily for us, these books are HUGE, as such, many many many more hours of listening to come.

These shared book experiences is what makes me profess my undying love to spoken written words.


Here are some *FREE* audiobooks that you may download from Audible.com to peek your interest in these formats:

- The Jester: A Riyria Short Story by Michael Sullivan

- 3 prequels to The Returned by Jason Mott
    The First - (0.25)
    The Sparrow - (0.5)
    The Choice - (0.75)

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, narrated by Ben Stiller

(please make sure they are still free before downloading)

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Allison Bruning said... Reply To This Comment

I had never thought of sharing an audiobook with my husband. That's a great idea. We both love to read. He recently became legally blind and we are leaning more towards audiobooks now.

Andi said... Reply To This Comment

I have a hard time with audiobooks simply because my son doesn't like me listening to them in the car. lol On the other hand, my husband listens to TONS of audiobooks and he's about to start Song of Ice and Fire! I'll be reading it while he listens. It's anyone's guess who will finish first. Happy Armchair BEA!

Chris Wolak said... Reply To This Comment

I've never listened to an entire series before, but what an intense way to experience it. I gave away the mass market set of Song of Ice & Fire that I had before I read it and might just considering doing it on audio.

Holly said... Reply To This Comment

Okay, I'll give you that series (Song of Ice and Fire). I've read the first 3 books and they each took me about a month to finish. If I were to listen to a book those would be perfect. Because they can be quite exhausting to make it through!

Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment

@Allison Bruning
Hi Allison, thank you for stopping by my blog :) - Your Secret World of Allison is very informative!! I love your pictures and I am so so curious about your writing, specially that you mention that your novels tend to have "strong female protagonists with strong family values" <--- I <3 this.

Sharing an audiobook with your partner is the best idea!! Find something you both like and go for it :)

Happy ArmchairBEA!!

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment


Hi Andi! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

I think that you'll finish first reading the books than your husband listening. They are quite a long enterprise to listen.... please don't give each other spoilers... mhh or maybe give wrong info on who dies, does certain thing...etc, I think it will be fun hehe.

Happy ArmchairBEA :)

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment

@Chris Wolak
Hi Chris, thank you for your comment and stopping by!!!

I think EVERYONE that is interested in the Song of Ice and Fire should try the audiobook experience. So maybe you're destined to listen as you gave your bound copy away :P

Happy ArmchairBEA :)

Lina G said... Reply To This Comment


Hi Holly! *waves* thank you for stopping by my blog :)

This series is crazy long and complicated. But goooodddd. The only thing I miss sometimes are the maps from the physical copy. But thankfully the series has been very clear of showing what is where.

Happy ArmchairBEA :)

Skeeter Lee said... Reply To This Comment

I listen to audiobooks with my best friend.

We both have long commutes in different cities.

We listen to the same book and then call each other to discuss.

The Kite Runner had us both in tears. Me in the grocery store parking lot. Her in the parking lot outside of her job.

I am trying to listen to the entire OUTLANDER series on audiobook.

Allison Bruning said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you, Linda. I have been enjoying the ArmchairBEA. I love meeting readers and book bloggers.

I want my blog to be a fun place where my readers can learn new and interesting things about history.

You can find our more about my novels at www.abruning.com. My ebooks are less expensive on my website than through Amazon. ;-)