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“Open your eyes, Kanin. Your favourite hellspawn is a demon, just like the rest of us. Only now, she’s finally realized it.”

The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3)The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa
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With The Forever Song I say goodbye to an awesome vampire kickass series I enjoyed reading. It's been a fun ride Allison, Jackal, Zeke, Kanin and Sarren. I will definitely miss you!

I believe this book closes well the path set before the previous three books. We had a bumpy road together, moments when I really wanted to put some sense in Ally, help and encourage Jackal do his evil things, ask so many questions to Kanin, hoped that some stuff wasn't so obvious... yeah, we had some frustrated moments, but in overall, we did good. I feel satisfied.

This book is as gory as its predecessors, if not more. In page #2 we're already presented with a most haunting image of a tree where corpses hang cut and tortured. Not an easy sight to digest.

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We start right where the Eternity Cure left. Sarren killed Zeke after he tortured him making him tell where Eden was. He leaves New Covington to find it in order to release the new strain of the Red Lung virus and wipe out humans and vampires. Allison, Jackal and Kanin are determined to stop him.

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Ally is set on anger and revenge, raging about the horrible death Zeke had in Sarren's hands.

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Throughout this series a common thread has been her constant teetering between letting her Hunger free, becoming a monster or fight for her humanity. All these tensions fully surface as a result of her loss. You'll definitely find a very very scary Ally in this book.

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The worldbuilding on this series is impeccable. It transports you with perfect descriptions of sights and smells, making it the right amount of showing, not telling the reader what is happening. I really admire this from Kagawa's work. She is flawless in taking you to her imaginary places. I felt the desolation, I smelled the rotting stenches, and traveled along those empty highways with the characters. It was amazing.

... I'm really really going to miss this world and characters, The Blood of Eden is a series I'll cherish in my heart!

Goodbye Ally! I hope you're having a nice forever.

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