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"If you are accepted, your life may end early and in torture"

Knight AssassinKnight Assassin by Rima Jean
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3 and a half stars

I love olives! Those delicate green (or black) small pieces of delight. I've been known to finish off an entire can in one sitting. I always steal the olive from my husband's Martinis... and he graciously accepts my poaching. That is a sign of pure love.

Why am I discussing olives in this space? Well, I was hooked to this book within its first pages after reading how Zayn, our seventeen year old main character, helps her mom with the harvest of their olives trees. Ahhhh that was so pretty to imagine, those descriptions are filled with different tastes, sights and smells. Furthermore, I was captivated by some of the dishes Zayn ate: eggplant relish with a stack of triangular-cut slices of flatbread; also a platter of figs, dates, grapes, cheese, olives and bread with a lemon sherbet. Yes, I'm obsess with food and reading -some books give me the best inspirations for cooking.

But going back to this book's themes besides food, I found it refreshing to have a Muslim kick ass heroine whose character growth shines within this book. She manages to finally find an understanding of her own abilities while slowly mending what's broken in her soul.

There is of course that astonishing and surreal background where this book occurs. The crazy times of the 12th Century, when the crusades were happening and Jerusalem was quite a contested place, ruled by a leper, King Baldwin. We get to meet Saladin and learn a bit about his reign. We get to train with a cryptic ruthless order of assassins, where we find out about the Assassin's Creed

 photo Assassins_creed_1024_x_768-11jpg_Assassins-Creed-Assassin-VS-Crusader-1036_zps4a5018f4.jpg

Ezio Auditore da Firenze killing crusaders!

We get to drink fragrant calming tea. Ah, also, we've got this cute Saxon guy who'll keep us worried!

I liked this book. It was original and highly entertaining... And it had a map! Too bad I only found out about it in the end, as it's located on the last page. It would have been very helpful while I was reading!!

Fear not! I'll do you a favour and add it here for your reading convenience:

Assassin knight map photo image_zps2c7d8732.jpg

You're welcome :)

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