Sunday, March 2, 2014

Breaking the laws of nature

Tangled SoulsTangled Souls by Jana Oliver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adore animals. This book has the most well described, adoring and cutest furry (and feathery) characters I've read in a while. I know, this is a very strange way to start up a review of sorts, regarding a paranormal romance book; but let me just enjoy these adoring characters for a while :)

If -cough- when you decide to read this book, be ready to fall in love, not only with a sexy Irish personal investigator, O'Fallon, a powerful Wiccan, Gavenia; but with a smart-ass bird, a demanding black cat and a loyal puppy.

This book is told from different POV's, primarily Gavenia and O'Fallon. It is set in L.A. showing us the story of Gavenia, a Wiccan practitioner who also has the ability to see ghosts and help them transition into another plane. Its narrative switches towards O'Fallon, a PI who has lots of baggage to carry with a heavy attitude. The story is so twisty (in a good way), making these two collide when their paths get tangled. It is. Paranormal romance, as such expect a great build up in the chemistry of these characters :)

I am going to be vague and leave the plot as it is, as I was so enthralled by this book I didn't even bother reading the whole blurb. I think my ignorance before starting this book, made a huge difference as I was surprised by it's take.

I am a fan of Jana Oliver's Demon Trappers series. She has excellent storytelling skills that flow gracefully inside Tangled Souls. This is a cool standalone book that a very talented author kindly decided to share in a self-pub way! I admire this enthusiasm and better yet, the background explanations she gave pointing out that this book took 10 years in writing!

I got deliciously lost in this tangled story. I was impressed by all the layers it had and the complex themes it touched. You get entrapped in issues about: addiction, scepticism, forgiveness, acceptance, religion, loyalty, bigotry, trust and love. I'm a happy camper as this was really good!

I see myself thinking about these characters sometime in the future, wondering about their story (past, present & future), and their dilemmas. They are very well written!!!

I'm so happy I found this book. I wished there was more about these characters, as there are tons of questions it left unanswered.

I guess I'll just have to find a good sandwich-plate-sized cinnamon roll from Red's Dinner, and try to coax Jana Oliver to spill some of these things that will certainly nag my curious brain.

.... Or just have some cookies and enjoy the mystery!

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