Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wrong timing to read you

Falling Kingdoms (Falling Kingdoms, #1)Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Dear book: you have a good concept, lovely cover and *thankfully * a little map and description of each person who is important for this story. However, for the time being, I must return you after 1/4 of reading. Your timing for me is not the best. I've been on a High Fantasy roll and most of my books now are kind of being sorted in: either you remind me too much of Game of Thrones, or you are very original and take a crazy road. Sadly, you dear Falling Kingdoms remind me tooooo much of GoT. Perhaps is better for me to read you at a different time, so I can stop comparing you.

Key themes from you that kept me thinking about GoT:

* The different families that are sort of enemies.
* The book is told from different POV's, key to a bigger picture of issues regarding long lost magic
* The love between siblings though it's clear from the prologue they are not blood relatives
* The ways in which the families obtained their loyalties

See you another time
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