Monday, December 31, 2012

What the year brought

Dear 2012,

You gave me plenty to enjoy:

-185 books read (35 books more than I planned)
- Movies I had (not too patiently) waited to see:
Including its amazing soundtrack

- Fully enjoyed the Toronto International Film Festival with my mom & dad

- Did my share of supporting human rights with Amnesty International's campaigns.

- Gave Twitter a chance (and it made me glad).

- Had the unique opportunity to witness curious Oliver grow up and learn to talk, walk and explore. Better yet, that his lovely parents whom I adore, will add +1 to the fam. And on these lines, happy for the news that Martina will be welcomed next year to Fede's family.

-  Had a new tattoo, died my hair, saw some dear friends (catched up with some more... but not enough, I know), played and lost a few rounds of games with friends, met Deborah Harkness and went to the Art Gallery of Ontario.

- And above all, I had the best of times enjoying every single day with my best friend & partner in life:

Dear 2013, I hope you'll be as spectacular as the previous. 

Lots of love for everyone,


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