Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Outpost

Outpost by Ann Aguirre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After leaving the city, and all the nasty encounters with flesh eating creatures (Freaks), Deuce, Fade, Tegan and Stalker found Salvation. A town of survivors who maintain life in the most pristine calm way favouriting 'old ways' where gender roles are very specific. Deuce at 15 years old, was already considered an adult at the Enclave, now she must abide by different age expectations, a challenge she has to endure. Yeah, welcome to the apocalypse! Freaks -or Muties- are still roaming close by and survival instincts are ever present in the life of Deuce.
Things are getting complicated for the dwellers of this settlement as the planting season approaches. Deuce wants to understand what makes her fellow Gotham companions behave different among her, while trying to 'fit in' her own way in Salvation.
This second instalment of the Razorland trilogy was brilliant!
Ann Aguirre pleasantly surprised me again. She nailed it! I have to admit I didn't enjoy too much my first read of Enclave. Perhaps the moment when I was reading it, I had gone through a few too many dystopian/zombies/post-apocalyptic books in a row so I didn't fully grasped the beauty of what Ms Aguirre created. Oh boy was I so wrong! I received a copy of Enclave from Ann after an awesome twitter contest and I gave it a second chance before I started with Outpost. That way I had it fresh. And it was perfect. I got to enjoy Deuce more. Her strengths, weakness, how everything that happened changed her in what we see now in Outpost. We learn about love, family, loyalty and hope. The book's mood is notoriously different from the despair we read in Enclave, but still as gritty and action paced. Don't expect our beloved Huntress to go all soft and mushy all of a sudden. She will still wield her knifes and kick-ass skills many many times, to defend herself and those who she cares.
It's a fun fun ride and I hope you join us.

And if this does not convince you, please check the creepy fingers on top of the back cover's barcode.

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