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The Good, So-so and Ugly: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #1)The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars
The Lost Prince was a book that I was highly anticipating, dying to read and willing to bake cookies for a year to obtain it. And I was lucky (and grateful) enough to have an advanced reading copy of it through HarlequinTeen/NetGalley -without having to go though the cookie promise. I've finished it yesterday at the wee hours of the morning.

We've all read what this book is about. If not, I encourage you to read its blurb, because I will not bother to give you a summary here. I will rather write down what I thought about after reading it.

Allow me to start with the good:

Julie Kagawa is an amazing adventure writer. She can vividly take you from a quiet walk in the park, where you can actually see the birds singing, the sun shining and the stillness of tranquility, and in the next line you are transported to a full - packed - action adrenaline shot - moment where you along with the character end up trying to deflect attacks and run for your life. She is that good. Her understanding of our nature to survive, and our need for well crafted spring into-action moments are perfectly intertwined in her work.

The familiar world of the NeverNever is beautifully introduced in this book. We get a taste of new and old characters and we follow Ethan's attempts for normalcy after the events that occurred during The Iron Fey series. Julie's NeverNever is absolutely fantastic. Specially with the Iron Court and the Iron Fey who in my opinion are real -but I don't want to own any favours to the Dark Muse so I am happily content without being able to see them-.

Grimalkin is by far my favourite character. He is such a CAT, if I had the ability to communicate with mine I think this is how they will behave: “I am a cat.” And that was the end of it.”
I have recently re-read Coraline (is one of my Halloween re-read treats) and it amazes me how much the Cat reminds me of Grimalkin. Maybe he was just visiting Coraline's for a while too...

I enjoyed reading and learning a bit about Kali, the Philipino martial art that the main character practices.

I adored the Joss Whedon references and tidbits here and there.

The so-so (it's not bad, good or okay, it's just so-so):

Meghan, Ash, Puck: yes they are here! Playing some good roles of the back story and they make a brief appearance. Why have I placed them in this category? I understand they have to be present (even by name) on this book, or it wouldn't be a spin off. But I have to be sincere. I think after I read them in the Iron Fey and the novellas, I have left them over there in a good place. It is strange to read them through Ethan's eyes. Meghan and Ethan's relationship seemed too forced. I think (hope) this will be developed more throughout the next installments.

Kenzie: as a character who could potentially develop a love interest in Ethan, I understand her inclusion into the book, and I am not going to spoil anything else. But I found her rather strange. She has quite a strong personality, she is curious and persistent, but beyond being another wheel into the events that unfold into Ethan's life I found in many places her presence more of a white background noise. Don't get me wrong. It is good to see these two interact and bicker about their predicaments. But maybe I was expecting more of why she was here on this first installment. Perhaps the next one will give me more reasons?          

The ugly:

Ethan Chase. Well not that he is ugly, I don't think he is. But I didn't enjoy being in his head. This guy has serious anger issues he has to work on. I understand where he is coming from. All the traumatic events he had to endure from the Iron Fey really affected him. And I am no expert in overcoming trauma and family conflicts. However, every other line I was re-told by Ethan of how angry, alone and tough he had to be. How much of that he had to carry to survive is truly remarkable. At one point my brain conjured Allison Sakamoto from Julie's The Immortal Rules and Ethan Chase exchanging survival tips!

But I never felt a connection beyond him being the brother of Meghan. I feel bad for the guy, really, but sadly, I couldn't care less of what happens to him. And that my dear readers is what baffles me about this book. It has all the great elements I expected to wake my squealing-JulieK-book-fandom-girly-voice, but this sneaky-high-pitched-monster is still sound asleep inside of me.

I will read the next ones, I am a Julie Kagawa fan after all, but I do not see myself promising to bake any cookies for an advance read. I hope this series has a nice transformation.      

Thanks again HarlequinTeen and NetGalley for giving me the chance to red this in advance!

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