Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: The Gathering Darkness

The Gathering Darkness
The Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a nice reading treat. Witches+Magic and twisted fate *raises fist in the air, while screaming: 'Yes!'* = perfect mixture.
This book will take you into a very interesting place: Deadwitch. A small town close to Salem where Brooke, our main female character is forced to move for a year to live with her aunt, in order to have some time off from her crazy life in Boston. She is sixteen and will soon realize everything is not what is seem.
We've got an eerie Inn that can be the setting for a horror movie: it has its own graveyard. Haunted dreams, ever-present ravens, possessed friends, magical objects and a very very awful dreaded evil witch! All nicely packed into a sweet romance. This was perfect for Halloween!
This book reminded me a bit of Cate Tiernan's Wicca series. A story about magic, love, sorrows and the issues with external forces. Specially Brooke's discovery of magic and her role in the bigger picture of her relationships and interactions with the people around her. Moreover, that her move to Deadwitch was not as unplanned as she thought.
I also enjoyed that this story was a standalone one (not that I would mind to read the future adventures of Brooke and Marcus), but it is very well tied and neatly told.

I am very grateful for the publishers for approving my NetGalley request, and the author, Lisa Collicutt, for writing this story. I will encourage you to read this book if you enjoy YA stories of magic, romance and adventure. Don't be fooled by the cover (which I have to admit reminded me of the little 'Goosebumps' paperbacks, perhaps it was the font of the title, who knows), inside you will find an amazing sweet plot.

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