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Colorful Glitch- Book review

Glitch (Glitch, #1)Glitch by Heather Anastasiu
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Allow me to start by the obvious:
Did you guess what am I trying to show??
Hint hint: red+blue:

-It's purple!! Yes shiny-shiny purple book!!! Ohhhweeeee!

This begin my favourite colour of course I had to read it. I love book covers after all.
I have seen this book appear in goodreads here and there and I was curious -not only about the colour- but the premise.

It's the future: here is a society where people are connected to the 'Link' where opinions, ideas and actions are under control by the Uppers. People live underground and their existence is completely regulated. Feelings are suppressed by chips inserted in their brain and distinguishing traits such as the colour of eyes, hair and skin are erased from perception by this 'Link'. A girl, Zoel Q-24, is  encountering issues with her hardware: she is experiencing short term glitches and is discovering all the emotions, differences and  uniqueness that makes us human while being unplugged.
[Okay, sounds interesting *** I'll read you]
This book was quick to read. It was simple and gave you enough clues from the beginning to discover what was happening with Zoe.
I enjoyed it, yes as a whole, but the middle part was frustrating me a bit. That nagging sensation you get when you were told thing on the first few chapters about certain relationships with other characters. But since this was conveniently erased, the main character's actions are all against these revelations! Argh I can't explain too much without giving away spoilers. But I hope this is vague, yet rich enough to describe what I mean. In other words, why getting in all the trouble of explaining one thing and then two thirds of the book having the main character re-discover it? It boggles my mind. Any who, I know I'm just getting worked out here.

What I liked:
- For starters, this book reminded me of Wasserman's Skinned from the Cold Awakening series in a different scale of course. Maybe it was the link + human emotions connection? I don't know. But the whole descriptions of what entails to be human are always welcome in my reading brain. This book's were more simple that Wasserman's but as enjoyable.

- The 'gifts' that glitchers have: I am an X-men fan and I will always smile happily when book's main characters develop superpowers of any kind :) Zoe's are cool. Again, I'm reminded of another book here: Mafi' Shatter Me.

- The way the 'Link' unifies perception: I'm fond of uniqueness and the idea of seeing others in uniformity really scares me!

- The pace: it had the perfect timing! We were in Zoe's reflections in a couple of paragraphs, then we had a little action, a bit of interactions, descriptions, some more Zoe time, descriptions, etc. I felt that it had enough of everything at the right time. It surprised me even when I finished how I enjoyed how well timed it was.

What I disliked:

- I hate love triangles. Twilight rattled my cage here and I have zero patience with these relationship twists. Though I appreciated the outcome and how it ended up being not as simple as it seemed.

I look forward to learn what happens with Zoe's world. The sweet romance between her and Adrien, maybe learn more about Maximin, what will happen to Molla and in general life the un-glitched ones.

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