Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: Fire

Fire by Kristin Cashore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dell is another land, set apart, yet a bit similar from the one were Graceling takes place. These are dangerous times, and Fire is a key character whose abilities as a Lady Monster are the unfolding forces around this story.
I enjoyed this book. It is very different from the YA novels that are out there right now. However, it wasn't as engaging as the first one and the actual story was a bit dull. I really don't care what happens to Fire; to tell you the truth I would do much as to preferred reading and learning more from Brigan's POV and of his life. I'm more inclined in this stance -even if a comparison is not necessary - to suggest more development on characters and less focus in Fire. I get it... She is sand and unhappy with her powers, she feels lonely and in constant awareness of her powers.... But it gets a bit frustrating to follow this story after reading 45% of it.

Love ... Let's say that if you ate reading this for its romance, please close it and try another novel.

Adventure... It tries to take you in different rides, but they seem to be obscured by constant reminders of Fire's monthly periods, and the not very clear role-story of monsters.

Political schemes ... It got tiring and the actual main critical point of the story ended up being short and non- well-describes.

I will definitely read Bitterblue, the 3rd book but to tell you the truth ? I don't expect it to he good.

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