Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts
City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book's ghosts have scared the hell out of me. I had a nightmare with them! This is how well described and carefully constructed this book is. The most scary images from all this series -so far- are written in this book. A slaughterhouse, underground ghosts and dark foul hexes.

ghost photo ghost_zps4a54720f.gif

Chess, the kick-ass drug addict churchwitch faces a new case. One that is bad enough to have her magically binded not to discuss with anyone. Which of course lands her in a lot of trouble. She is forced to work with a member of the Black Squad on this case and her frustrations escalate. Alongside, the mess of things she made with Terribe and Lex bring new ingredient for a very explosive recipe.

I really really enjoy this series :D as dark and messed up as it is, it delivers beautifully my fix of urban fantasy and horror (and a bit of romance, of course).

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