Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: The Host

The Host
The Host by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like books that question human behavior, asking answers about life, death and the ethics behind any choice that characters encounter.

This is a book that touches these dilemmas in a very good way. We find ourselves immersed in an alien entity's viewpoint of humanity as experienced as an alien host (Wanderer)in a foreign human body (Melanie). It is set in a world in which humans are no longer themselves. They are just bodies who host alien souls. But Melanie still is there and Wanderer has to make choices, humans - alien ones :)

I was debating internally for a long time to read this book or not. I was a bit biased since knowing it was from S. Meyer and I didn't want to visit Bella or Edward in any way possible. I was wrong! This book has nothing to do with that other world Meyer created. I felt it was much more richer and complex than I expected . The best part it was that it stands alone, no sequel necessary without crazy cliffhangers at the end. So yes, I should have read this one earlier. And it did fulfilled and surprised my curiosity.
It reads fluidly and keeps you glued in many ways. I think it will be one of those stories that will definitely linger in my head for some time. What a memorable (not) little sci-fi novel with aliens, cryogenic capsules and abductions.

On a side note, How appropriate it is that the day I finish the book the first trailer for the 2013 movie appears: The Host Trailer

Another good book gone to Hollywood! It will be wonderful

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