Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Grimspace

Grimspace by Ann Aguirre

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book is a quirky Space Opera full of: action, +20 characters, chasing scenes, spaceships, baby aliens and lots of time explaining what's in our kick-ass female main character: Sirantha Jax's brain. Don't be fooled by a name that sounds like cough medicine. Jax does grow into you.

My main issue is that I still have no concise idea of WTF is Grimspace and that oddly genetic thing that allows Jax to access it. These and un-solved or at least hint/explain occurrences that pile up in this book. I know that I might be expecting too much of a chick-lit space opera, but Grimspace its the name of the book! At least you can be more explicit about certain hard to describe more - reader wont get- Grimspace jumps. It's scientific? metaphysical? metaphorical?

What is the deal with invoking Mary every paragraph or so? I'm confused: Is it the same Mary I know about, as in the mother of Jesus for Christianity? It does sounds like it and for me it echoed in wrong places for the context of the book. Yes, I know is my first non-YA in a while and it takes time for my brain to shift, but I feel that some stuff deserved more meat to chew upon.

On a brighter side, there are some very intense scenes and lots of drama that will make you want to read more if you are into lit chick literature.

In the aftermath, I recommend it for a light read. I am actually planning to read book #2 Wanderlust sometime in the non-immediate future (and not only because I really like this Megadeth song)

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