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Review: Blood Red Road

Blood Red Road
Blood Red Road by Moira Young

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dear Moira Young: I really liked this book. Your story is very creative, and the setting is fantastic.
I found myself sweating while reading the passages through the dessert. Cold when I read about the fog, and thirsty while going through the Mountains.
Saba's quest to find her brother is truly remarcable. Saba, Jack, Emmi, Lugh, Ike, DeMalo and the Free Hawks are great Characters. And I really want to know what was the deal with DeMalo.
Cage fighting, rivers with bones and scary three foot mutated worms, do make a fast paced adventure.

BUT the freaking way it's witten made my brain hurt and my eyes sore!!!!!!
What is wrong with straight forward English??? What a confusing way of words you have there. English is my second language and this made me go back so many times in my head to try to make sense what was happening. Please please please make Saba's mind easier to follow. I understand the uniqueness of this form of speech for the book. But it's too damn hard to follow.
I do look forward to read your next book though. So I wish -and cross my fingers- that this slang is a bit toned down.

Some examples for those of you that want to know what I'm complaining about:
"She's about th'only person I met fer a long time who ain't crazy. An she ain't afeared of me" (...) "I'm surprised she says it, jest like that. That's it, I says. That's it ezzackly"

And so on with words like: 'fergot', 'nuthin', 'yer', 'cain't', whaddya mean', 'jest gittin yer brother back' -Argh it's a bit frustrating to read, and it's the WHOLE damn book, 459 pages of it!!!

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