Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The things I love about TO: under construction

Arriving to TDot by train!
I've been embracing fully this city only recently, so here are my top choices of what I consider awesome about here

- Taking the streetcars makes me feel so stylish... -seriously- I love this piece of public transportation. Adds to the stylishness every time they ring the bell, aww so cute. But if you are wondering about time schedules, don't even bother, enjoy the ride and be aware that they come every 6-7 minutes.

- The Kensington market: what can I say... I find everything I want or didn't even thought I needed, like Colombian Obleas with Alpina arequipe and all, as well as sprouting seeds and inexpensive, organic and assorted sprouting seeds! And on this note, the cheeses grilled place around Nassau street: I give it 5 stars and 2 more for creatively solving the non-liquour licensing issue: go to the bar in front and we'll bring you your food: we are all friends! yay! that's teamwork for you/ 

- The P.A.T.H. although I have to point out that I am not a frequent user, I feel it shows how much urban planning involves functioning regularly throughout winter. I add points: all the coffee places down there, seriously, I could drink more than a cup every single corner twist. -1 point: I get very disoriented  

- Ontario lake makes me happy about not missing the fresh salty ocean water of Vancouver.

- I feel very hypnotized about the CN tower, it is quite colourful yet bulky. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about it. I find it iconic, symbolic and huge. But I can't quite tell if it goes along my aesthetic standards.

- My new neighbourhood as of Dec 1st: High Park- on the Boor Village corridor.  Which I will come back to it often in this blog. And on this note, all the different and contrasting neighbourhoods. This will obviously lead to an all well to discussed-studied-explored rant about TO's diversity, which I choose not to follow, right here but simply point out: yes, is a very diverse city. Much more than Vancouver.   
- On a personal note: being close to my family. Beyond that, I can survive any kind of weather or lousy job market.

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