Thursday, November 25, 2010

Setting up my agenda

Great things are coming to Toronto these days (By now you should have realized that I really-REALLY like this city)

Awesomeness: Tomorrow, Nov 26th we've got Tim Burton's exhibition at the Bell TIFF Lightbox! It's going to be here until April 2011. I am sooo looking forward to see this exhibition. It comes straight from NY's MOMA, where I've read that it attracted so much attention and crowds, that it became the museums third most popular exhibition - the other ones if you are asking are the retrospectives on Matisse (1992) and Picasso (1980).

Colourful: The Cavalcade of Lights on November 27th: bringing up the Christmas spirit. At 7pm there will be the lightning of a very big Christmas tree. There will be fireworks and some live music.

Toronto's Symphonic Orchestra brings the Messiah. From Dec 16-21. You can hear a very neat podcast of the story of this concert here by it's conductor.

Ice Skating: already open (since Nov 20), at Harbourfront Centre. I will definitely try my (non)skating skills here!
Notice I proudly skate with a helmet...

The very best of the best - ever - most awesome, wonderful, people in the world will be making an appearance in this city for a month: Jesus and Carmenza. I can't wait until December 3rd. 

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