Saturday, June 26, 2010


Cats keep the world go around and surely kitty love is highly rewarded on this end of the keyboard. I know I promised to keep this space productive with my thesis, but today I received an e-mail form my supervisor announcing a BIG list of comments on my draft, and I won't get them until a week form now (he will be traveling...), so I feel a need to post cute faces, this will make me happy...  --- whose heart wont melt with these cute felines? (I am a proud auntie of the first ones and the three last ones, we've been roommates)

Behold my kitty love gallery:

Kiya (Natalia's new young rommie)

Ace (Molly's new guy-we've got to meet in person)

Lia and Lorenzo (Natalia I, Pablo and Federico's Landlords in Philadelphia)

Sabina and Agatha 

Watson & Me
Now I feel like a crazy cat lady...

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