Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cooking extravaganza

I am not a cook, I learned how to make pasta almost three years ago. In my list of failed cooking experiments I count an exploded microwave by trying to boil an egg (I added an egg with its shell to a cup of water), another time I tried to make pasta by placing it in the pot at the same time as the cold water (a yucky mixture) and I've managed to burn two batches of brownies that were intended for my husbands birthday: they were simply uneatable.

But these past few weeks I've seriously tried to improve both in skills and creativity. I am trying to make things I hadn't done before, using all I've got in my kitchen and it hasn't been an unpleasant experience, I rather consider it a success.

Sunday: I started by making apple muffins. This was the first time I prepared muffins with apple puree I had frozen from November's apple surplus. (I bought a hole bunch of apples from Costco and I was terrible bored of eating them after a while, so I prepared an apple crisp and an apple cider... ahh the holidays) Since I didn't had everything required, including the muffin rack, I had to be a bit creative. I have 6 individual muffin cups, so I had to half the recipe. The flavour was great, but they didn't rise, they chose to stay comfortably below the cup. I was happy though with the experience.

Monday: I woke up with a chickpea theme: I soaked my dry garbanzo beans at noon and prepared them at 6. Those hours were perfect. I made hummus from scratch, I made almond rice and vegetable stew.

Tuesday: I made chicken curry with tomatoes, zucchini and spinach. Not bad for the protein!

Wednesday: I made prawns with pasta and ended up preparing delicious glazed lemon cakes. Ahhhh I am so happy. This really helps me focus on myself, my body and my enthusiasm on creating great stuff!

(BTW I adore finding recipes online!)

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